Thanking Our Electeds for the Green Stimulus

dc-white-houseWhen elected officials do the wrong, they need to hear from their constituents. And the same is true when they do something right. That’s why our allies at are making it easy for everyone to thank the President and the 306 members of Congress who supported a smart energy economic recovery.

To use their webtools, go here.

This is what they had to say:

I have some exciting news to share: President Obama just signed into law an economic recovery bill containing $87 billion in green investment funds–the largest investment ever in clean energy solutions!

And it was your passion and commitment to bold climate action that made this day possible. For the last two weeks, you phoned Congress for more than 121 hours through the 1Sky website–the equivalent of five days of nonstop calling on behalf of a green recovery. Kudos also to our allies who flooded congressional inboxes with emails.

President Obama and the members of Congress who supported the bill heard you loud and clear and took bold action. If we want them to do so again in the future, they need to know we have their backs today.

Please send a ‘thank you’ note to President Obama and the 306 members of Congress who voted for a green recovery:

The green investments in the recovery bill will not only create over 1.7 million green jobs our country needs urgently: they are also a critical down payment on a clean, renewable energy economy.

President Obama and the bill’s supporters in Congress took a bold step towards real climate solutions, and they deserve our thanks for a job well done. Please send a ‘thank you’ note to the President and those in Congress who backed a green recovery:

This is only the first step of many to solve the climate challenge and build a clean economy. In the months ahead, we’ll have to keep pushing Congress and the President to enact strong caps on carbon pollution and a halt to new coal power plants.

But in the meantime, take a moment to appreciate what we’ve accomplished today. Thank you for taking ownership of this movement!

Liz Butler
Field and Outreach Director, 1Sky

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