Solar price slide accelerates in June, new record low in Europe

solarOur friends at released their June report today, showing that solar prices have fallen another significant amount in the last month. The progress will need to continue for several more months for solar to get competitive with fossil fuel energy without large governmental support. Industrial PV solar prices fell 1.1% to 20.56 cents per kWh.

US Price Slides ~2%, Europe ~1%

In the US, solar module prices fell 9 cents to $4.61 per watt (a 1.9% decline from the previous month and 4.2% below last June). The price fall was double last month’s rate. US prices only have to fall another 6.25% to reach the record low set in 2004-05. This could be done by September/October at current rates. In Europe, module prices fell 4 euro cents to the new record low of 4.48 euros per watt (a .9% decline from last month and 4.9% below last year).

Lower Costs May Allow a Return to Profits

These lower prices can be great for consumers and producers alike as long as manufacturing costs continue to shrink. As the iPhone falls to $99, I have hope that the solar industry can similarly achieve progress (higher efficiency) and lower prices profitably. I will keep you updated in the weeks ahead as that story unfolds.

Onwards to sustainability-

P.S. – Sorry it’s been a little while – I had some vacation time with family soaking up solar photons on a beach in the Carolinas and enjoying Federer’s run to achieve the first tennis Grand Slam since Andre Agassi 🙂

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