July solar price survey shows new record low in Europe

solarThe monthly solar price survey by Solarbuzz.com just came out. And it showed retail prices fell another ~1% last month. Prices still have a ways to go before grid parity arrives, but its nice to see the continued progress. Europe is now enjoying another record low solar price for individual modules at 4.44 euros per watt.

US & Europe Details

In the US, the average price per watt for a single module fell 1.1% or five cents to $4.56 per watt. This price is 5.4% below last year, but remains ~5% higher than the record low reached in 2004. In Europe, the average price fell .9% or four cents to 4.44 euros per watt. This price is a new record low and 5.5% below last year.

In kWh, the price for industrial solar electricity fell .8% or .16 cents to 20.4 cents per kWh. Prices are now the lowest since October 2004 (almost five years) and only .5% from the record low set in June 2004. We should see a new record low by the end of the summer based on current price trends.

Keynesian Price Stickiness

Prices on the individual retail side aren’t falling as quickly as the wholesale numbers I wrote about yesterday: ~5.5% vs. 40+%, respectively. Longterm contracts and general Keynesian price stickiness will eventually shakeout and the lower equilibrium will emerge by the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. And a quick note: these survey prices are per individual module. Average customers generally buy multiple modules that integrate into panels, so the price per watt for most projects is discounted for the bulk purchases to currently below $3 per watt. Still, the Solarbuzz price survey is useful as a comprehensive view of the individual retail sector and gives insight into the trends of the whole industry.

I’ll let you know as further developments occur.

Onwards in the Sustainable Energy Transition-

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  1. Peter

    Can you publish a post about how calculate grid parity ?. Which is the price for grid parity, compared with natural gas ?. I need to understand the numbers and concepts (the differente types of watt and prices per watt). Regards.

  2. Howard Engel

    I have researched much about solar cells but haven’t found very many places to purchase them.
    Do you have any info that you would recommend on this? Thank You

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