Tuvalu commits to 100% clean electricity by 2020

climatechangeRising sea levels are something small island nations like Tuvalu and the Maldives cannot ignore. That is why the Pacific state of Tuvalu just joined the Maldives as a leader in renewable electricity generation. They committed to get all of their electricity from renewables like wind and solar by the year  2020.

There are significant costs to such a transition for this island nation and its 12,000 citizens. But when your highest point is less than 5 meters, you don’t have the luxury to procrastinate on emissions reduction. The more the US, China, and the EU can develop and improve renewables, the easier we can make the sustainable energy transition for our neighbors in the developed and developing world. Here’s to continued advances in solar technology that brings it to grid parity by the early 2010s so that we can all replace our older, dirty fossil fuel-based energy system.

Onwards to further climate progress-

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