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Media Matters: Ivy League Talks East Coast Greenway

images1Unlike the usual blog post here, I just want to share a couple of links to some good articles from a couple Ivy League alumni magazines. The first is a great story on the East Coast Greenway – with a special focus on the New England route – in the Harvard Alumni Magazine entitled, Eisenhower 2.0.

The second is Continue reading

Celebrating Earth Day & Solar Progress at Hunter College

solarToday I will be speaking to environmental leaders throughout the City University of New York (CUNY) system, an institution that teaches almost half a million students on 23 campuses. We will be at the Hunter College campus here in the Upper East Side celebrating Earth Day and inspiring each other to do more to achieve environmental sustainability. The event was organized by Continue reading

Arizona State University becomes 3rd biggest solar campus!

arizonaAs SET’s involvement in the Solar College Initiative heats up, it’s important for all of us to celebrate the victories for campus solar already taking place. And today is a big day – as Arizona State University dedicated its new solar projects which add up to be the nation’s third largest on campus. At a capacity of  Continue reading

Solar College Initiative Launches Nationwide Survey

solarSustainable Energy Transition is the fiscal sponsor for an exciting new initiative this Spring to maximize the deployment of solar on our country’s campuses. Our mostly volunteer operation of the last three months has already gotten interest from students and staff at 150 campuses and we are now trying to choose our pilot 20 campuses to engage this Spring. To ensure we have all the necessary information to make the best decision, we posted a brief online survey for interested campuses which is accessible at Continue reading

Atlantic City Becomes Leader in Renewable Energy

solarAtlantic City is not just the East Coast’s gambling epicenter anymore. Today it added another claim to fame: leadership in renewable energy. The Atlantic City Convention Center celebrated a gigantic new solar array that is the country’s largest roof-top system. At 2.37 MW, the Convention Center installation beat out Continue reading

Powershift Breathes Life into Solar College Initiative

Powershift rally photo by Energy Action Coalition

Powershift rally photo by Energy Action Coalition

What an amazing conference! Powershift not only built community among 12,000 active students and allies by bringing them under one roof. The gathering also inspired and empowered these young people and their colleagues to make a lasting impact from the campus to the federal policy level. One of the projects that benefited greatly from Powershift 2009 was the emerging Solar College Initiative. Continue reading

The Energy is Contagious (And Clean) at Powershift 2009

Friday night photo by

Friday night photo by

I’ve been to dozens of student conferences over the last decade, but nothing on this scale. Powershift 2009 has over 10,000 students and youth filling spaces throughout the huge Washington Convention Center. The energy for change is truly contagious and inspiring! Continue reading

10,000 Students to DC: Clean Energy Now!

powershift09The youth of America understand the threat of global warming as well as anyone. That’s why they are coming to DC at the end of this month to send a message to their elected leaders and campus administrators. It is time to shift from our current dependence on dirty fossil fuels for to an efficient reliance on clean, renewable energy. Continue reading

Princeton installing 2nd biggest campus solar array in East

ptonI’m proud to share the news that my graduate alma mater is completing a 370-kW solar installation on one of its rooftops. I remember hearing early word about the project just a year and a half ago, and now it is already becoming a reality. While this system is much smaller than many installations popping up all over California colleges and universities, it is the second biggest in the East, after Continue reading

Solar Campuses: A Success Story at UNC-Chapel Hill

tarheelsThe story of solar at UNC-Chapel Hill is a story of student leadership. Civic engagement is an integral part of the rich history of this flagship public university of North Carolina. Once these top students from around the state, along with a sizable 18% from around the country and beyond, get out of class — they continue their education through extra-curricular and public service activities in the 600+ campus organizations. Over the years, Continue reading