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Media Matters: Ivy League Talks East Coast Greenway

images1Unlike the usual blog post here, I just want to share a couple of links to some good articles from a couple Ivy League alumni magazines. The first is a great story on the East Coast Greenway – with a special focus on the New England route – in the Harvard Alumni Magazine entitled, Eisenhower 2.0.

The second is Continue reading

Atlantic City Becomes Leader in Renewable Energy

solarAtlantic City is not just the East Coast’s gambling epicenter anymore. Today it added another claim to fame: leadership in renewable energy. The Atlantic City Convention Center celebrated a gigantic new solar array that is the country’s largest roof-top system. At 2.37 MW, the Convention Center installation beat out Continue reading

10,000 Students to DC: Clean Energy Now!

powershift09The youth of America understand the threat of global warming as well as anyone. That’s why they are coming to DC at the end of this month to send a message to their elected leaders and campus administrators. It is time to shift from our current dependence on dirty fossil fuels for to an efficient reliance on clean, renewable energy. Continue reading

Princeton installing 2nd biggest campus solar array in East

ptonI’m proud to share the news that my graduate alma mater is completing a 370-kW solar installation on one of its rooftops. I remember hearing early word about the project just a year and a half ago, and now it is already becoming a reality. While this system is much smaller than many installations popping up all over California colleges and universities, it is the second biggest in the East, after Continue reading

Princeton Alumni Climate Effort Hits Endorsement Milestone Early

Sustainable Energy Transition (SET) is happy to announce we passed our end of year goal of 100 endorsers from 30 Classes ahead of schedule! With 22 days to go, alumni of all ages are encouraging their alma mater to become a leader in climate change practice to match Princeton’s leadership in climate scholarship. SET is excited to have reached this milestone early, and hopes to Continue reading

What concentration for carbon: 350, 450, 550 ppm.?.

Today I read a new study by Australian scientists has found the Southern Ocean is acidifying faster than previously thought. Their research leads them to believe an acidification tipping point could be reached by 2030 ~450 ppm instead of the earlier estimate of 2060 ~550 ppm. We have had a deluge of similarly startling findings these past few years such as the acceleration of melting in the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, and western Antarctica. Continue reading

Princeton Alumni for Climate Excellence – Campaign Begins Today!

Today, SET is publicly launching its first campaign. Entitled PACE (Princeton Alumni for Climate Excellence), the effort aims to help mobilize latent alumni support for Princeton University to be a leader in greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Princeton is a source of top-notch climate scholarship, with leading professors such as Continue reading

College Campuses Trailblazing Climate Responsibility

Every time I touch base with my allies in the sustainability for higher education movement, I am inspired by the great strides being made in every state of this nation. While our federal government has dragged its feet when it comes to setting greenhouse gas emissions targets, both public and private campuses are rising to the occasion. My buddies at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) are leading the charge with projects like the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. This Commitment has mobilized Continue reading

Libya production to fall slightly, campuses plan for an oil-scarce world, etc.

Today was another volatile day in the energy markets. Oil initially rose as the dollar fell to a record low versus the euro of $1.6038, but then oil dropped back below $140 as more bad news about the US economy showed our demand may fall further. Brazilian production was reported to have returned toward normal levels, but Libya reported a 100,000 barrel per day reduction in its oil supply for almost a month due to maintenance needs. This amounts to twice as much as Continue reading

Recent Recap: Oil continues climb & Princeton scholarship receives support

I am currently on a week of vacation to celebrate family and friends, and will not have an active daily recap until Monday, July 7th. But I wanted to touch base from North Carolina on some of the recent movement in energy.

The main headlines this week are so far related to oil. The price is exploring further record territory by Continue reading