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Thanking Our Electeds for the Green Stimulus

dc-white-houseWhen elected officials do the wrong, they need to hear from their constituents. And the same is true when they do something right. That’s why our allies at are making it easy for everyone to thank the President and the 306 members of Congress who supported Continue reading

Princeton installing 2nd biggest campus solar array in East

ptonI’m proud to share the news that my graduate alma mater is completing a 370-kW solar installation on one of its rooftops. I remember hearing early word about the project just a year and a half ago, and now it is already becoming a reality. While this system is much smaller than many installations popping up all over California colleges and universities, it is the second biggest in the East, after Continue reading

Princeton Alumni for Climate Excellence – Campaign Begins Today!

Today, SET is publicly launching its first campaign. Entitled PACE (Princeton Alumni for Climate Excellence), the effort aims to help mobilize latent alumni support for Princeton University to be a leader in greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Princeton is a source of top-notch climate scholarship, with leading professors such as Continue reading