The PACE Campaign

Princeton Alumni for Climate Excellence

The PACE Campaign is an effort to mobilize latent support among Princeton alumni to make our University a model institution in emissions reduction. For interested alumni, please sign the PACE statement here.

Princeton is a source of top-notch climate scholarship, with leading professors such as Michael Oppenheimer, Denise Mauzerall, Robert Socolow, and Stephen Pacala. As climate modelers, state-of-the-art engineers, and policy experts, professors and staff at Princeton have led progress in the understanding of our Earth’s climate and the range of policies necessary for effective mitigation to this crucial challenge of the 21st century.

Recently, Princeton’s campus has begun to address the need for academic institutions to become laboratories that test emissions reduction strategies on their own buildings, transportation systems, and energy infrastructure. In early 2008, Princeton’s Board of Trustees launched a campus sustainability plan that called for 20% cuts in emissions by 2020 to achieve the 1990 level. While this plan showed significant progress from the business-as-usual trajectory, it fails to equal the initiatives of peer institutions — evident in the lower sustainability rankings Princeton has received in many recent surveys including the Princeton Review and SEI’s Green Report Card.

Therefore, to make Princeton University a climate leader in both scholarship and practice, SET is collaborating with scores of alumni in an effort to make our alma mater one of the first climate neutral campuses in its peer group. We propose the year 2030 as the zero pollution goal date, similar to the recently released national clean energy plan. Such an achievement aims to be a followup to the effort of our partner, Princeton SURGE, to cut the current 2020 target a further 25% to the post-Kyoto goal urged by many international negotiators of 25% below 1990 levels by 2020. These goals can be achieved by a mix of increasingly aggressive efficiency and deployment of carbon-free energy from local geothermal and solar to regional wind farms.

If you are an alumnus/a who would like to be involved, please join 100+ alumni from 35 Classes by endorsing the statement here. We are excited to add further momentum to the climate responsibility movement sweeping our nation’s campuses and beyond.

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