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Global Solar Installations Grew in 2009, Despite Recession

solarEven the biggest global recession since the Great Depression couldn’t stop the solar market from growing in 2009. Many analysts doubted growth would be possible due to the collapse of solar’s largest market in 2008 – Spain. But Solarbuzz.com just released their annual report and the amount of solar installed in 2009 grew Continue reading

July solar price survey shows new record low in Europe

solarThe monthly solar price survey by Solarbuzz.com just came out. And it showed retail prices fell another ~1% last month. Prices still have a ways to go before grid parity arrives, but its nice to see the continued progress. Europe is now enjoying another record low solar price for individual modules at Continue reading

Solar may be emerging from 1st quarter bottom

solarThe first quarter has been a rough one for most solar companies. Aside from First Solar whose profits tripled, most solar companies reported large decreases in their profits and, most likely, losses. But the last two reports (from Trina Solar and China Sunergy) paint the picture of a potential return to profitability in the Continue reading

US bike sales higher than car sales in 2009

2006 Chapel Hill/Carrboro Blue Bikes Launch

2006 Chapel Hill/Carrboro Blue Bikes Launch

During the first quarter of 2009, more bicycles were sold in the US than cars and trucks. While the Great Recession is hurting bike sales, they didn’t fall as fast as automobiles. Over 2.55 million bicycle purchases were made, compared to less than 2.4 million cars and trucks that left Continue reading

Oil price passes $60 on weaker dollar: Gas may hit $2.50

oilpump500-11The price of oil is retracing its 2004-05 climb rather quickly of late. While some of the rise in oil prices relates to supply concerns from Nigeria and a perceived stabilization in the economy, it is also linked to Continue reading

Oil & Gas Prices Back on the Rise

gas-pumpThe prices of oil and natural gas appear to have bottomed now. But with inventories near record levels, a quick price spike much higher doesn’t seem sustainable in the short-term. Yesterday, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) weekly petroleum report clearly showed that recessionary low demand continues to dominate Continue reading

Price of solar continues to fall in May, record low reached in Europe

solarSolarbuzz.com reported this morning that prices for solar modules fell another few pennies per watt. As supply has fully caught up with demand in 2009, prices are skidding down. But since fossil fuel prices remain substantially lower due to the global recession, the price of solar remains relatively high and will take many more months of decreases before grid parity becomes Continue reading

First Solar profit jumps as costs fall

solarEarlier this week, I shared the news of profits and growth in the wind industry. And yesterday, a key solar company reported outstanding profits as well. First Solar reduced its manufacturing cost per watt more than Continue reading