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Thanking Our Electeds for the Green Stimulus

dc-white-houseWhen elected officials do the wrong, they need to hear from their constituents. And the same is true when they do something right. That’s why our allies at 1Sky.org are making it easy for everyone to thank the President and the 306 members of Congress who supported Continue reading

What concentration for carbon: 350, 450, 550 ppm.?.

Today I read a new study by Australian scientists has found the Southern Ocean is acidifying faster than previously thought. Their research leads them to believe an acidification tipping point could be reached by 2030 ~450 ppm instead of the earlier estimate of 2060 ~550 ppm. We have had a deluge of similarly startling findings these past few years such as the acceleration of melting in the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, and western Antarctica. Continue reading