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Greenways: A cure for what ails us

Photo by David Tulloch

Photo by David Tulloch

Unfortunate news just came out of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded report: Americans are losing the battle against obesity. This problem of growing obesity is related to many of our country’s greatest challenges. Luckily for us, there is a solution that can tackle obesity as well as many related difficulties simultaneously. Continue reading

Climate Bill up for House Passage Today

climatechangeThe world is watching as US federal leaders vote on climate legislation that would put US emissions on a downward trajectory in the decades ahead. While some organizations such as Greenpeace do not support the Waxman-Markey bill due to its large offsets provisions and its free allocation of many emission permits, most environmental organizations are supporting it and hoping to improve it in the years ahead. You can be a part of history! Here is an action alert from Continue reading

The Vatican Goes Solar

vaticanOnly a few days after Roman Catholic Easter, the tradition’s faith leaders announced a plan to care for God’s Creation by harvesting energy from sunlight. Solar photovoltaic (PV) power exists in a small scale all over the world, from arrays less than 1 kW to a couple dozen MW. But the Holy See just announced that they intend to build what would today be the world’s biggest solar PV system at Continue reading

Maldives pledges climate leadership – carbon neutrality by 2019!

maldives-picThere aren’t many countries more threatened by climate change than the 1,000+ atolls of the Maldives. This coral reef paradise rarely rises more than 5 feet above sea level (~1.5 meters) and thus faces the threat of mostly disappearing by century’s end. Their President Mohamed Nasheed decided not to wait for other countries to act, and yesterday pledged Continue reading

The Energy is Contagious (And Clean) at Powershift 2009

Friday night photo by 1sky.org

Friday night photo by 1sky.org

I’ve been to dozens of student conferences over the last decade, but nothing on this scale. Powershift 2009 has over 10,000 students and youth filling spaces throughout the huge Washington Convention Center. The energy for change is truly contagious and inspiring! Continue reading

Thanking Our Electeds for the Green Stimulus

dc-white-houseWhen elected officials do the wrong, they need to hear from their constituents. And the same is true when they do something right. That’s why our allies at 1Sky.org are making it easy for everyone to thank the President and the 306 members of Congress who supported Continue reading

10,000 Students to DC: Clean Energy Now!

powershift09The youth of America understand the threat of global warming as well as anyone. That’s why they are coming to DC at the end of this month to send a message to their elected leaders and campus administrators. It is time to shift from our current dependence on dirty fossil fuels for to an efficient reliance on clean, renewable energy. Continue reading

Solar Campuses: A Success Story at UNC-Chapel Hill

tarheelsThe story of solar at UNC-Chapel Hill is a story of student leadership. Civic engagement is an integral part of the rich history of this flagship public university of North Carolina. Once these top students from around the state, along with a sizable 18% from around the country and beyond, get out of class — they continue their education through extra-curricular and public service activities in the 600+ campus organizations. Over the years, Continue reading

US climate emissions to fall >1% in 2008 on lower oil demand

Thanks to consumption of oil falling 3.5%+ in 2008, it looks like US greenhouse gas emissions will fall greater than 1% this year. The rapid fall in oil consumption is tempered by the increase in emissions from slightly greater coal demand and an increase in consumption of cleaner-burning natural gas. If the overall trend continues through December, it will put us on track to meet the federal cap & trade legislation goal of Continue reading