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House committee passes climate bill as electricity emissions plunge

climatechange1Yesterday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee passed Waxman-Markey’s American Clean Energy & Security (ACES) Act by a 33-25 vote. This passage does not guarantee ultimate passage in the full House or Senate, but gets some positive political momentum behind necessary federal Continue reading

Much of US to enjoy solar grid parity by 2012

solarThe economics of solar power are changing rapidly. And if the Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development (PI) is right that solar module prices will fall more than 50% by 2012, grid parity will be achieved across many parts of the US. Solar electricity currently carries a price tag that is higher than Continue reading

US Electricity Emissions in Freefall

power-linesThe Energy Information Administration (EIA) US electric power estimates for January and February just came out. And the numbers are dramatic. Net generation in January was down ~3.3% from January 2008, largely on lower demand from industrial users. February showed an even greater ~6.9% nosedive in Continue reading

Report: NC Doesn’t Need More Coal Power

nc-mapA new report by the NC Waste Awareness & Reduction Network (NC WARN) makes a strong case that my native state of North Carolina can manage its population growth without adding new coal-fired power plants like the 800 MW Cliffside project which just began construction. Report authors John Blackburn and John Runkle even suggest we can phase out many  Continue reading

Solar power prices continue slide

solarThe monthly review released today by solarbuzz.com shows solar prices have fallen a bit further over the last month. Prices fell more slowly than last month due to price stability in Europe, but made a step in the right direction. While this price remains significantly above that of coal, oil, and natural gas – it positions solar closer to achieving grid parity in the mid-2010s. Continue reading

New York Becomes 8th State to Join 1 GW Wind Club

wind-farm1As I mentioned yesterday about solar — when you start talking GWs (gigawatts = 1 billion watts), we’re dealing with significant amounts of energy. And I’m proud to say that my home state of New York just became the 8th state in the country that has over 1 GW in wind power online. Continue reading

Top Wind States Emerge from the Great Plains

n-dakotaThe Great Plains have long been touted as an area of vast wind power potential. And I’m glad to report that the people living there are now beginning to take significant advantage of their renewable resource. North Dakota, the state with the most wind potential in the lower 48, just became the biggest wind producing state by percentage of electricity consumption at ~20.8%. Continue reading