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Greenways Can Achieve Most of 2020 US Climate Goal


by Dennis Markatos-Soriano

As world leaders gather in Copenhagen to negotiate international strategy to lower global greenhouse emissions, I’d like to share a vision for part of the solution. Greenways and other improvements in bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure can make make a huge impact lowering emissions in the coming decade. Some economists and politicians who drag their feet regarding climate action complain that lowering emissions could come with a difficult price tag. But at least half of Obama’s 2020 goal can be achieved alongside large savings if we seize the opportunity to increase our use of renewable Continue reading

US Electricity Emissions in Freefall

power-linesThe Energy Information Administration (EIA) US electric power estimates for January and February just came out. And the numbers are dramatic. Net generation in January was down ~3.3% from January 2008, largely on lower demand from industrial users. February showed an even greater ~6.9% nosedive in Continue reading

Coal Share of US Electricity Falling

coalI’ve got some good news to share — coal is losing its market share in the US electricity mix to less carbon-intensive sources. In the late 1990s, coal-fired power plants produced almost 53% of total US electricity. And the US EIA just released in its estimate for 2008 electricity that coal’s share fell to Continue reading

May not be sexy-tech, but it sure can help

cogenOak Ridge National Laboratory put out an important report last Fall that you probably didn’t hear about. It’s not on solar, wind, or other sexy renewables technologies. But the technology can pack a great climate mitigation punch at a relatively low cost. It has been around over 100 years and is called co-generation or combined heat and power (CHP). Continue reading

2008: 9th warmest year on record

climatechange1I’ve been startled by the number of global warming naysayers in comment threads around the internet lately who have pointed to some colder weather this year to try to poke holes in established science. Yes, there was an unusual snow in Houston and New Orleans. But for global warming, we need to look at annual and decades-long data to get a comprehensive picture. And the BBC just reported this morning that 2008 ranks as the 9th hottest year in historical record. Continue reading

A Banner Year for US Climate Mitigation: Emissions Poised to Drop Sharply

Based on yesterday’s Short-Term Energy Outlook by the US Energy Information Agency (EIA), carbon dioxide pollution is poised to fall ~2.5% this year. Rapid growth in wind and solar power, massive efficiency, and lower demand for fossil fuels has sent US emission levels down to a level not seen since the 1990s.
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