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July solar price survey shows new record low in Europe

solarThe monthly solar price survey by Solarbuzz.com just came out. And it showed retail prices fell another ~1% last month. Prices still have a ways to go before grid parity arrives, but its nice to see the continued progress. Europe is now enjoying another record low solar price for individual modules at Continue reading

Natural Gas Price Falls with Economy

natgasrigThis week’s economic news has been hard to swallow to say the least. Japan’s quarterly GDP plunge was followed by today’s news that home and apartment construction in January hit the lowest level ever recorded at an annual rate of only 466,000 units. These and other sobering reports sent natural gas prices down to their lowest intra-day level in Continue reading

Economic Plunge in Japan Bearish for Global Energy

ep_japan_mapI haven’t ever seen the GDP of a major economy fall as quickly as Japan’s did in the 4th quarter of 2008. It fell at an annual rate of 12.7% October-December and shows that the fall in energy prices, especially oil, during that period made a lot of sense. The economy and corresponding energy demand is falling faster than depletion rates at most oil fields and the question is: “Will demand continue to Continue reading

Brief Perspective on the energy price rise

As some prices ease over the last fortnight or so, it’s important to maintain perspective on current prices. Though our weak economy (with today’s jump in unemployment to 5.7% and persistent inflation) is benefitting from the 10+% reduction in spot prices, looking at today’s prices compared to last year keeps one’s eyebrows raised. It also shows society may have some serious shifts ahead without a further rise in price. Short-term demand reduction is often not as substantial as Continue reading