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Russian oil decline accelerates & other supply concerns

oilpump500-1With the price of oil pretty low below $45 per barrel and global demand falling, it seems to be a silly time to bring up supply worries. But recent numbers on Russian oil production and some other major non-OPEC producers show we need to keep our eye on this biggest source of world energy. Continue reading

New Report Projects Renewable Energy Dominance in 25 Years

Today, Greenpeace International and the European Renewable Energy Council released “Energy [r]evolution: A Sustainable Energy World Outlook.” It is a followup to their early 2007 report that urged policymakers to ramp up efficiency and renewable energy deployment to stop climate change. This report has more detail, as it breaks down the energy portfolios of each region of the world. It also gives updates on the tremendous growth of renewables in 2007 and adds sections connecting its scenario to greater energy security in the developing context of higher fossil fuel prices.
The report makes the case that their strategy would not only mitigate climate change and improve air quality, but it would also save consumers
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