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Mexico oil production in freefall, next President better prepare for peak oil

Mexico just reported that their production continued to rapidly decline in September. Cantarell production was 36% below a year ago at only 940,000 barrels per day, and total crude production was down 14% from last year at only 2.722 million barrels per day (Mbd). This was the lowest level since 2.55 Mbd in November 1995. Exports were down 37% from last year. The slide in production could finally be felt by PeMex and its home country since oil prices were back down toward year-ago levels. This lower production will seriously rock the federal budget of Mexico in the months to come — especially due to exports declining faster than production declines as domestic demand rises. Some Mexico production was shut-in over the Continue reading

Climate Change Melting Arctic & Intensifying Hurricanes

Climate change is shifting our planet every day. Scientists today reported dramatic ice shelf losses in northern Canada, ten times the size predicted for this summer. For the first time in human history, both the Northwest and Northeast Passages are navigable due to rapid Arctic sea ice melting. Losing all Arctic sea ice (a cooling northern parasol for the Earth) as most analysts predict will occur by 2020 would accelerate the quick Greenland melting with its potential to Continue reading