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EIA: US emissions diving more than 4% in 2009

climatechange1As I wrote last month would probably happen, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) lowered its estimate for fossil fuel energy demand in 2009, translating into a huge drop in greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions projections for coal, oil, and natural gas were all lowered in its July Short Term Energy Outlook — meaning, by my calculations, that US emissions are expected to fall Continue reading

US natural gas supplies build, solar industry revving up

The EIA reported another build in storage today, though the supply increase was 24% lower than the five-year average for this week due to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. We will have at least one more week of slow growth reported next Thursday from Ike production, leaving many analysts to predict that this year’s winter storage peak will be closer to average than last year’s record. Since natural gas consumption has increased these last few years, this development is somewhat bullish — especially given the weak dollar. But natural gas supplies remain robust for the winter unless Continue reading

Dollar strengthens and oil treads water ~115-$120

The dollar has strengthened ~6.5% versus the euro over the last few weeks, adding to the reduced demand to lower the global price for oil almost 22% from its record high of early July. While some forecasters think oil can fall to as low as $75 per barrel, some significant resistance will probably emerge to prevent price moves much below $115. Recent news that tropical weather forecasters believe the coming months will be an above average hurricane season certainly keeps a risk premium on top of the Gulf of Mexico oil that we depend on. So, oil prices look to be fickle over the next few months while some bullish price pressure may Continue reading