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Greenways Can Achieve Most of 2020 US Climate Goal


by Dennis Markatos-Soriano

As world leaders gather in Copenhagen to negotiate international strategy to lower global greenhouse emissions, I’d like to share a vision for part of the solution. Greenways and other improvements in bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure can make make a huge impact lowering emissions in the coming decade. Some economists and politicians who drag their feet regarding climate action complain that lowering emissions could come with a difficult price tag. But at least half of Obama’s 2020 goal can be achieved alongside large savings if we seize the opportunity to increase our use of renewable Continue reading

Oil price passes $60 on weaker dollar: Gas may hit $2.50

oilpump500-11The price of oil is retracing its 2004-05 climb rather quickly of late. While some of the rise in oil prices relates to supply concerns from Nigeria and a perceived stabilization in the economy, it is also linked to Continue reading

Electricity Use Falls a Huge 5% in September

power-linesI wrote a few months back how amazingly resilient natural gas inventories were in September despite the hurricane outages. The EIA just published an explanation in their electric power monthly data for the month. Electricity consumption fell more than 5% in September from 2007, sending natural gas demand for electricity down a staggering 15.5%! Demand for coal fell 3% and oil 19%, while hydroelectric generation Continue reading

Obama Climate Campaign Promises turn into Transition Pledges

Federal climate policy progress will take a series of favorable events to come to fruition, especially regarding the President.

Step 1: The issue must be high enough in the positive public consciousness to win the attention and campaign promises of Presidential candidates. Check: Obama said he would set in motion a cap and trade bill to get US emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and then 80% lower by 2050 and he emphasized Continue reading

IMF Predicts Global Recession, Oil Falls

Earlier today, the IMF lowered its prediction of global economic growth to 2.2% in 2009, .8% below last month’s estimate and below the 3% marker they use to classify a recession. The major reduction has many banks predicting oil demand will fall next year for the first time in 26 years.

As a result, oil prices dipped toward Continue reading

Obama + Strong Climate Advocacy = New Era for US Energy

By Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Sustainable Energy Transition Founder

Tuesday, November 4th, brought a huge shift to the US political landscape. The Obama landslide opens up an opportunity to update our energy policy for 21st century leadership. After eight years of stagnant federal climate change engagement, the Obama Administration promises no less than Continue reading

Mexico oil production in freefall, next President better prepare for peak oil

Mexico just reported that their production continued to rapidly decline in September. Cantarell production was 36% below a year ago at only 940,000 barrels per day, and total crude production was down 14% from last year at only 2.722 million barrels per day (Mbd). This was the lowest level since 2.55 Mbd in November 1995. Exports were down 37% from last year. The slide in production could finally be felt by PeMex and its home country since oil prices were back down toward year-ago levels. This lower production will seriously rock the federal budget of Mexico in the months to come — especially due to exports declining faster than production declines as domestic demand rises. Some Mexico production was shut-in over the Continue reading

Obama calls for an SPR release, Russia produces less oil

As McCain was winning over voters by pretending that opening offshore oil to drilling would reduce oil prices significantly within the next few years, Obama had to do something louder than encouraging people to drive more efficient vehicles. Unfortunately, due to Bush’s catastrophic lack of fiscal responsibility, the Presidential candidates can only do things that cost nothing or completely pay for themselves. So, Obama’s new support for a release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) comes as little surprise. But now is a good time to debate the merits of such a plan… Continue reading